Price List Template

If you are a trader or shopkeeper of any level then you will need to use price lists for your various products and items. Its very comfortable to show your customer whole price list so that they can easily chose their required one without asking about price of each and every product you are offering. This is the reason that we are adding Price List Template here for you so that you can create and manage beautiful price lists for your company without having any technical difficulty.

Price list and rate list are names of a single thing that may prepared by businessman, store manager or a retailer to let people know about the price of different products and items. The price list is a tool that can show the cost or price of a product or variety of products to the customers. Price list enables a customer to take decision about purchase of a product according to the available budget and cost. A price list normally consists of name of the product, quantity of the product and price per unit or KG etc. a price list may indicates the discount rate offered by the company or store on a particular product. Hopefully you will like this Price List Template.

Making a price list for a business’s products and services can make answering the customer’s questions about price and cost easier. A price list can be manual or printed. Mostly stores and companies use computerized price lists to show off the rate and cost of products to the buyers. You can design a price list yourself by using a computer program. Nowadays it is very easy to prepare a price list for your store or business with the help of price list templates. You just need to download price list template and personalize the template with appropriate information such as name, logo and price of the product in order to prepare an elegant price list.

Here is a preview of this price list template.

Price List Template preview

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